Lisa has been an RN for 8 years, but she was raised in a medical family, it feels as though she has been in the field for much longer. Initially, Lisa worked in the OR as a Circulating RN, specializing in Robotics and Plastics. She eventually transitioned her career to become a healthcare recruiter. Through Lisa’s experience, she witnessed a significant disconnect when working with individuals who lacked a full understanding of certain healthcare environments.

Over the past 5 years, she has dedicated herself to bridging this gap and assisting remarkable individuals in pursuing their passions within the medical world. Alongside her professional life, she is married to a retired Firefighter who now works in HazMat response. Being a busy mom, she takes care of three humans, three dogs, a cat, seven aquariums, and an outdoor pond. Additionally, she proudly embraces the role of a Grandma to two Leopard Geckos. With such a bustling household, it’s clear that her family keeps her on her toes.