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ID: 61191295

Shift: variable – 3×12

Description: -Preoperative experience is Preferred. -Meditech experience preferred. Our current platform we use is Meditech, combined with some paper charting. Not having Meditech experience is not a deal breaker. -Experience with peripheral nerve blocks preferred -Phase I/Phase II recovery and discharge done in the same Post anesthesia care area-could have a phase one and a phase 2 at the same time depending on the needs of the unit -1:2 patient ratio- most likely have more than one patient at a time. Could potentially have two phase 1 patients. All delegated within the ASPAN guides and recommendations. On call requirement which includes 1 weekend day call-24 hr, in a 6 week rotation, includes weekday call as well Flexible scheduling 3 12 hour shifts or 4 10 hour shifts is preferred -Experience with pediatric patients age 6mo and older- we have busy ENT days that consist of tonsils, tubes, and adenoids, other pediatric surgeries can include broken bones and appendectomy. We do local cases which may include-thoracentesis/paracentesis, minor ortho procedures -We do inpatient and outpatient procedures -We do elective, add-on, urgent, and emergent cases -We recover some ICU patients -We recover endoscopy with anesthesia (MAC cases) We do orthopedic, general, ENT, Neuro, Plastics, Urology, and GYN cases It can vary from day to day on how many surgeries we recover, on our busiest days 35, low census days as low as 11 Will not have to float to other surgery centers

Guaranteed Hours: 36

Contract Weeks:91

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Allied: Medical Assistant

Oswego, New York

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Clifton Springs, New York

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Allied: Echo Tech

Rochester, New York

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RN: Med Surg

Utica, New York

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