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ID: 53538848

Shift: 8 weeks ONLYFriday, Saturday and Sunday, 7pm-7amBlack scrubs 8 weeks ONLYFriday, Saturday and Sun

Description: responsible for OP, ED, IP The CT Technologist performs procedures in accordance to the departmental protocols and standards. Operates CT Scanners and associated equipment with proficiency. This equipment includes scanner, IV contrast injectors, 02 and suction equipment, patient transport and patient monitoring equipment. Examines requests and verifies orders on each assigned patient. Refers and questions orders to the Radiologist before performing exam. Contacts ordering physician when there are discrepancies.Properly greets each patient by name and gives his/her name and job classification. Verifies the patient by checking armband (WE ID process). Prepares patients for the procedure with a full explanation and documents on appropriate worksheets.Interviews patients for a complete medical history. Reviews in??patients and outpatient/ clinic charts to obtain pertinent clinical history. Records medical history on requisitions. Correlates other test results and laboratory data with exam being performed.Assures prior CT scans have been loaded to Stentor before obtaining protocol for the exam. Assumes responsibility for the exam from beginning of exam until completion of dictated results.Prepares and administers IV contrast according to departmental protocols. On request, records contrast type and amount. Prepares GI contrast appropriate to the patient’s needs by .PO method or tube feedings.Evaluates technical quality of images and consults with a Radiologist if needed. Recognizes abnormal anatomy and processes any additional, reconstructed images, and / or measurements as instructed.Preforms basic patient care functions. Informs appropriate nursing personnel of any changes in the patient’s condition. Initiate; life support measures for patients when necessary. Assists in. “Code Blue procedures during medical emergencies.Performs CT scanning and assists Radiologist during invasive procedures. Practices proper sterile technique in the assembling of necessary supplies . Performs all invasive procedures in accordance with blood borne pathogens, isolation,. and infection control policies and procedures.Is authorized to obtain medication or contrast material as directed for administration by a licensed practitioner, authorized/ certified technologist, orregistered nurse. Medications to include contrast materials cannot be administered without appropriate clinical credentials, training, and certification to do so. Employees designated to obtain these items may also participate in the ordering and distribution of inventory.Practices principles of radiation safety for self, employees, patients and family members.Reports malfunctioning equipment to the department supervisor/manager/engineer. Schedule Notes:8 weeks ONLYFriday, Saturday and Sunday, 7pm-7amBlack scrubsSkills: Adheres to departmental and hospital policies regarding infection control and universal precautions. Maintains knowledge and skills required to work safely in an envirrorunen.t that can. create significant exposure to blood borne pathogens and infectious disease.Adheres to the hospital fire and safety procedures. Attends all in-service classes and completes all required safety modules.Performs work in an accurate and timely manner in periods of crisis and emergency situations where time is criticalOperates radiology computer system to include entering orders and charging procedures/ supplies.Maintains computerized patient logbooks.Maintains assigned work area in a neat and orderly fashion. Keeps area completely stocked. Cleans all work areas to promote cleanliness in the workplace.Assists other medical personnel, such as anesthesia, when performing exams or services in conjunction with a CT scan.supports and contributes to the Patient-Centered Care Philosophy byunderstanding that every staff member is a Caregiver, whose role is to meet the needs of each patient. Required CPR CPR CERTIFICATION INFECTION CONTROL ARRT ARRT CERTIFICATION Additional INFECTIOUS DISEASE INVENTORY ORDERING PATIENT MONITORING RADIATION SAFETY RADIOLOGY SAFETY PROCEDURES SCANNER SCANNING TRAINING CPR CERTIFIED CT SCANNERS LABORATORY LOCKOUT/TAGOUT OUTPATIENT PATIENT CARE REGISTERED NURSE STERILEEducation: Graduate of an accredited two (2) year AMA and ARRT approved program in Radiologic Technology required. Minimum of 1 to 2 years experience in Diagnostic Radiology or 1 year experience in CT scanning or equivalent applicable experience required.ARRT Certification and CPR certification required. IV and contrast administration certification required before performing venous contrast administration.;Languages: English Read Write Speak English(Speak , Read , Write)Job Category: Clinical – Allied – Travel

Guaranteed Hours: 40.00

Contract Weeks:54

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