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Job Summary: The Senior Project Manager is responsible to anticipate client needs and be a proactive project site lead while serving as a main point-of-contact for clients and working on the client’s behalf. This position ensures that assigned projects are successful by working with clients, contractors, partners, and internal team in following standards, practices, and schedules that result in value-added projects being on schedule, on budget and ultimately forming lasting relationships with our customers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
-Creates and successfully maintains project budget and schedule.
-Ensures successful delivery method for construction projects.
-Successfully manages all pre-project planning including but not limited to:
-States measurable objectives for the project and ensures project team members have strong understanding of roles and responsibilities
-Ensures site use planning is defined and executed including jobsite office setup, special permitting, and identifying unique site conditions that may impact construction operations.
-Successfully implements contractual administration
-Ensures risk management and general understanding of project risks, solutions, and applicable laws and standards.
-Successful procurement of qualified construction services.
-Successfully communicates and coordinates on-site project team, internal team, contractors, vendors, schedule, owner correspondence, client-relations, drawing management, approvals, materials, and deliveries.
-Ensures and maintains culture of safety on project site.
-Effectively manages safety records, project emergency plan, and contractor’s safety program.
-Ensures strong understanding of project risks, puts in place internal risk management process and procedures, and ensures necessary insurance coverage needed on projects.
-Productively communicates and regularly interacts with owner.
-Effectively builds strong team environment.
-Works with owner and facility staff to ensure understanding of construction process, project progress, timelines, schedule, and budget.
-Attends and runs project meetings with necessary stakeholders and/or project team.
-Works with architect and contractors to compile pricing and estimates for submittal to owner.
-Ensures successful management of project by reviewing submittals, change orders, and RFIs for conformance and ensuring budgets are within project scope and necessary invoicing takes place.
-Provides innovative problem solving to issues and project challenges.
-Effectively manages ongoing contract and agreement preparation, review, and execution.
-Effectively understands and reviews project drawings and sequence of construction in various levels of detail.
-Tracks, reports, and documents value engineering options.
-Ensures quality management of construction and site by referencing and understanding industry codes, regulations, materials, and which items require inspection and testing and creates corresponding documentation and tracking per project procedures. Ensures necessary project team communications take place. Ensures purpose and content of the Construction Quality Management System Plan.
-Effectively follows project close-out and punch list process and procedures.
-Follows internal process, policies, and delivery methods for construction projects.
-Promotes and participates in company initiatives, policies, and process that create and maintain an engaged, empowered, a successful internal project team.
-Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Problem Solving:
-Problem solving and/or critical thinking involves identification and analysis of diverse problems; solutions are often found by reviewing standard documented processes and/or work procedures and modifying them to apply to the situation. Guidance is usually provided on what source(s) to consult, and decision is reviewed by supervisor before implementation.

Supervision Required
-Supervision is present to review and collaborate on established organization objectives.
-Decision-Making Impact
-Independent judgment is required to study previously established, often partially relevant guidelines; plans various connected activities, and coordinates these activities within a team. Develops objectives and general policies and procedures for a specific program or team within general scope of established company goals and plans.
-Decision-making impacts outside department/multiple departments.

Work Complexity
-Tasks and responsibilities required integration of diverse functional areas and may involve many different variables. Work is substantially complex and varied, and requires the interpretation of technical and detailed guidelines, policies, and procedures in combination.

Time Management
-This position is expected to work in the office, when not out on site. If work from home is needed, it must be approved by manager.

Supervisory Responsibilities
-Peer Review

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